Self Portrait Assignment

Realistic Self Portrait of Beth

My realistic self portrait for the second assignment in my art class.

Beth Abstract Self Portrait

An abstract self portrait.

Nonobjective Self Portrait of Beth

A nonobjective self portrait.

Selfie of Beth

The original photograph that the first three images are based off of.

These three images were completed for the shape and color project for my art class. The first is supposed to look the most like the original photograph, the second should still look like a face, and the third should be related but should no longer resemble a face. In mine, it looks like stained glass with just my hair framing a face.

Christian Marten’s Sculpture

Rainbow Sculpture

An album of pictures of Christian Marten’s Sculpture at the Botanical Center in Des Moines, Iowa. I took these as a 4-H project between my junior and senior years of HS. One of the photos was selected for the Iowa State Fair. I also made a design notebook of the photos and used it to help me get a scholarship at Iowa State University. I didn’t end up going to school there, but it was cool to have the project recognized in that way.